Keg Rental

Made Simple

On demand keg rental with flat rates, no scanning, and no fees.

Keg Rental.

Keg Rental.

Our goal is to provide a simple keg rental solution that reduces the need for capital & provides known costs to your business.

Flat Rate Rentals

On Demand Supply

Keg Collection & Maintenance

Tracking Tech.

We have developed a passive tracking beacon and software system to track the location of kegs at all times. For breweries, this means scan free tracking of all kegs, and information about how long kegs stay at various locations. Our kegs are also Product & Batch capable, allowing you to drill into your data and learn more about which products and batches are performing best. 

Automated Location Tracking

Product & Batch Customisation

About us

Konvoy formed in 2019 to provide a simple keg rental solution for the beverage industry. As a supplier to the industry we aim to listen to and work with our customers to find a solution that works for them. We are committed to supporting the industry and being easy to work with in a simple, dependable and honest way.

Konvoy provides solutions for the entire keg Management process, leaving producers to focus on creating beverages and selling kegs into venues.